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Texto escrito que foi aprovado para publicação ou publicado num periódico científico.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A {Global} {Health} {Innovation} {System} ({GHIS})Mahoney, Richard T.; Morel, Carlos Medicis
2005Health innovation networks to help developing countries address neglected diseasesMorel, Carlos Medicis; Acharya, Tara; Broun, Denis; Dangi, Ajit; Elias, Christopher; Ganguly, N K; Gardner, Charles A; Gupta, R K; Haycock, Jane; Heher, Anthony D; Hotez, Peter J; Kettler, Hannah E; Keusch, Gerald T; Krattiger, Anatole F; Kreutz, Fernando T; Lall, Sanjaya; Lee, Keun; Mahoney, Richard; Martinez-Palomo, Adolfo; Mashelkar, R A; Matlin, Stephen A; Mzimba, Mandi; Oehler, Joachim; Ridley, Robert G; Senanayake, Pramilla; Singer, Peter; Yun, Mikyung
1973Structure of {Globin} {mRNA} and {mRNA}-{Protein} {Particles}. Use of dark-field electron microscopyDubochet, Jacques; Morel, Carlos Medicis; Lebleu, Bernard; Herzberg, Max
2016Development, health, and international policy: the research and innovation dimensionBuss, Paulo Marchiori; Chamas, Claudia; Faid, Miriam; Morel, Carlos Medicis
1973Duck-{Haemoglobin} {Synthesis} in {Frog} {Cells}Lane, Charles-Daniel; Gregory, Caroline M.; Morel, Carlos Medicis
1971Proteins associated with globin messenger {RNA} in avian erythroblasts: {Isolation} and comparison with the proteins bound to nuclear messenger-likie {RNA}Morel, Carlos Medicis; Kayibanda, Boniface; Scherrer, Klaus
2003Neglected diseases: under-funded research and inadequate health interventions. Can we change this reality?Morel, Carlos Medicis
2002The mosquito genome: a breathrough for public healthMorel, Carlos Medicis; Toure, Yeya T.; Dobrokhotov, Boris; Oduola, Ayoade M. J.
2002Bioinformatics for disease endemic countries: opportunities and challenges in science and technology development for healthDegrave, Wim; Huynh, Chuong; Roos, David; Oduola, Ayoade; Morel, Carlos Medicis
2000Reaching maturity - 25 years of the TDRMorel, Carlos Medicis
1999Chagas disease, from discovery to control - and beyond: history, myths and lessons to take homeMorel, Carlos Medicis
2002Geração de conhecimento, intervenções e ações de saúdeMorel, Carlos Medicis
2011Chagas disease: transcriptomic recovery in animal models after transplantation of bone marrow cellsMorel, Carlos Medicis
2012The onchocerciasis chronicle: from the beginning to the end?Crump, Andy; Morel, Carlos Medicis; Omura, Satoshi
2013The human hookworm vaccineHotez, Peter J.; Diemert, David; Baconf, Kristina M.; Beaumier, Coreen; Bethony, Jeffrey M.; Bottazzi, Maria Elena; Brooker, Simon; Couto, Artur Roberto; Freire, Marcos da Silva; Homma, Akira; Leef, Bruce Y.; Loukas, Alex; Loblacka, Marva; Morel, Carlos Medicis; Oliveira, Rodrigo Correa; Russell, Philip K.
2004A pesquisa em saúde e os objetivos do milênio: desafios e oportunidades globais, soluções e políticas nacionaisMorel, Carlos Medicis
2005Health innovation in developing countries to address diseases of the poorMorel, Carlos Medicis; Broun, Denis; Dangi, Ajit; Elias, Christopher; Gardner, Charles; Gupta, RK; Haycock, Jane; Heher, Tony; Hotez, Peter; Kettler, Hannah; Keusch, Gerald; Krattiger, Anatole; Kreutz, Fernando; Lee, Keun; Mahoney, Richard; Mashelkar, R.A.; Min, Hong‐ki; Matlin, Stephen; Mzimba, Mandi; Oehler, Joachim; Ridley, Robert; Senanayake, Pramilla; Thorsteinsdóttir, Halla; Singer, Peter A.; Yun, Mikyung
2016Co-authorship network analysis in health research: method and potential useFonseca, Bruna de Paula Fonseca e; Sampaio, Ricardo Barros; Fonseca, Marcus Vinicius de Araújo; Zicker, Fabio
2005A internacionalização de agendas de pesquisa: desafios e perspectivasMorel, Carlos Medicis
2006Inovação em saúde e doenças negligenciadasMorel, Carlos Medicis
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 28
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