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2010Arginase levels and their association with Th17-related cytokines, soluble adhesion molecules (sICAM-1 and sVCAM-1) and hemolysis markers among steady-state sickle cell anemia patientsVilas-Boas, Wendell; Cerqueira, Bruno Antonio Veloso; Zanette, Angela M D; Reis, Mitermayer Galvão dos; Barral-Netto, Manoel; Goncalves, Marilda de Souza
2015Association of homocysteine and inflammatory related molecules in sickle cell anemiaVilas-Boas, Wendell; Cerqueira, Bruno Antonio Veloso; Figueiredo, Camylla Vilas Boas; Santiago, Rayra Pereira; Guarda, Caroline Conceição da; Pitanga, Thassila Nogueira; Santana, Sanzio Silva; Zanette, Angela Maria Dias; Goncalves, Marilda de Souza
2016Heme changes HIF-α, eNOS and nitrite production in HUVECs after simvastatin, HU, and ascorbic acid therapiesGuarda, Caroline Conceição da; Santiago, Rayra Pereira; Pitanga, Thassila Nogueira; Santana, Sanzio Silva; Zanette, Dalila Lucíola; Borges, Valéria de Matos; Goncalves, Marilda de Souza
2016Leptin − 2548 G > A gene polymorphism is associated with lipids metabolism and TGF-β alteration in sickle cell diseaseFigueiredo, Camylla Vilas Boas; Carvalho, Magda Oliveira Seixas; Santiago, Rayra Pereira; Santana, Sânzio Silva; Oliveira, Rodrigo Mota de; Fiuza, Luciana Magalhães; Guarda, Caroline Conceição da; Aleluia, Milena Magalhães; Nascimento, Valma Maria Lopes do; Lyra, Isa Menezes; Ferreira, Junia Raquel Dutra; Goncalves, Marilda de Souza
2015Outcome of B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in Brazilian Children: Immunophenotypical, Hematological and Clinical EvaluationCézar, Rodrigo Silva; Cerqueira, Bruno Antonio Veloso; Paz, Silvana de Souza da; Barbosa, Cynara Gomes; Moura Neto, José Pereia; Barreto, José Henrique Silva; Goncalves, Marilda de Souza
2016Sickle red cells as danger signals on proinflammatory gene expression, leukotriene B4 and interleukin-1 beta production in peripheral blood mononuclear cellPitanga, Thassila Nogueira; Oliveira, Ricardo Riccio; Zanette, Dalila Lucíola; Guarda, Caroline Conceição; Santiago, Rayra Pereira; Santana, Sanzio Silva; Nascimento, Valma M. L; Lima, Jonilson Berlink; Carvalho, Graziele Quintela; Maffili, Vitor Valério; Carvalho, Magda Oliveira Seixas; Alcantara, Luiz Carlos Júnior; Borges, Valéria de Matos; Goncalves, Marilda de Souza