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2016Calcium plus vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy interacts with polymorphisms in the promoter region of the VDR gene to affect postpartum bone mass of Brazilian adolescent mothers: A randomized controlled trialNormando, Paula; Diogenes, Maria Eduarda L.; Cabello, Pedro H.; Cabello, Giselda M.; Donangelo, Carmen M.; Bezerra, Flávia F.
2005Molecular analysis of 23 exons of the cftr gene in brazilian patients leads to the finding of rare cystic fibrosis mutationsCabello, Giselda M. K.; Cabello, Pedro H.; Otsuki, Koko; Gombarovits, Maria Emília; Llerena Junior, Juan Clinton; Fernandes, Octavio
2006Polymorphic markers suggest a gene flow of cftr gene from sub-saharan/arabian and mediterranean to brazilian populationCabello, Giselda M. K.; Cabello, Pedro H.; Llerena Junior, Juan Clinton; Fernandes, Octavio
2015Polymorphisms in IL-10 and INF-γ genes are associated with early atherosclerosis in coronary but not in carotid arteries: A study of 122 autopsy cases of young adultsEsperança, José Carlos P.; Miranda, William R. R.; B. Netto, José; Lima, Fabiane S.; Baumworcel, Leonardo; Chimelli, Leila; Silva, Rosane; Ürményi, Turán P.; Cabello, Pedro H.; Rondinelli, Edson; Faffe, Débora S.
2013Polymorphisms of CDKN1A gene and risk of retinoblastomaCarvalho, Ivna Néria Silva Ribamar; Reis, Adriana Helena de Oliveira; Cabello, Pedro H.; Vargas, Fernando Regla